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Europe Edition

StrategicRISK Europe Q2 now liveSubscription

In this issue, we focus on anti-corporatism and reputation risk. We also speak to outgoing Airmic chief executive John Hurrell about his time at the assocation, and examine the lessons learnt from the WannaCry ransomware attack

StrategicRISK Europe Q1 now liveSubscription

In our first issue of 2017, we focus on the risks and opportunities of technology, from blockchain and artificial intelligence to the Internet of Things. We also discuss whether ISO 31,000 is still relevant, and look at the main themes from the AMRAE conference and the key takeaways from the inaugural Dubai World Insurance Congress

StrategicRISK Europe Q4 now liveSubscription

In this edition of StrategicRISK, we reveal the results of our extensive EMEA Risk Report benchmark survey, assess the real risk of data breaches and the Trump presidency, and look ahead at how the risk landscape might change in 2017

StrategicRISK Europe Q3 now liveSubscription

In the Q3 edition of StrategicRISK we focus on business continuity and detail the latest thinking from risk professionals about dealing with some of the rapidly evolving and complex risks they now face. We also examine what Brexit might mean for risk managers and the businesses they represent from a number of perspectives, from supply chain to compliance

StrategicRISK Europe Q2 now live

In Q2 edition of StrategicRISK, we look at Europe’s political landscape in light of the growing migrant crisis and recent terror attacks in Paris and Brussels, the face-off between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, and speak exclusively to Chubb, senior vice-president Andrew Kendrick in his first interview since the ACE-Chubb merger

New-look StrategicRISK Europe now liveSubscription

In our first issue for 2016, we look at the EU referendum debate and outline the consequences of a possible Brexit, examine how Mars salvaged its reputation after recalling millions of chocolate bars, review the validity of D&O cover in the wake of FIFA corruption allegations and, in an exclusive interview, Malaysia Airlines crisis director speaks for the first time about what the MH370 and MH17 crises taught him

Europe edition - Winter 2015/16Subscription

The latest edition of StrategicRISK looks at the growing interconnectedness of risks and what this means for risk management. Two special reports look into the evolving nature of cyber risks, and how risk managers and insurers are getting better at quantifying and evaluating earthquake risk

Europe edition - Autumn 2015Subscription

The latest edition of StrategicRISK looks at the growth of the intangible economy and what risk managers can do to make the intangible tangible. In addition, European risk managers weigh up the latest takeovers by Willis and ACE

Europe edition – Summer 2015Subscription

Summer’s edition of StrategicRISK looks at how risk management is evolving and what the future lies for the discipline. A focus on the construction sector reveals some of the biggest trends for the industry and a special report examines terrorism and political violence risk in Europe and further afield

Europe edition - Spring 2015 Subscription

Spring’s edition celebrates 15 years of StrategicRISK with special features looking back on the development of the publication and how risk management has evolved. The top risks facing businesses in the Middle East and Africa are revealed in our in-depth analysis on the region, and John Scott examines the challenges of managing climate change risks

Europe edition − December 2014Subscription

December’s edition of StrategicRISK examines the increasing complexity of supply chain risk management; the need for businesses to monitor the shifting political risk landscape in Europe; and why renewable energy is attracting corporate investment. K&L Gates offers advice on Ebola-related insurance claims; and Kering risk and insurance manager Anne-Marie Fournier explains the challenges of looking after 23 different brands.

Europe edition – November 2014

November’s edition of StrategicRISK explores ‘Black Swan’ events and whether risk managers can prepare for improbable, unforeseeable, game-changing events. Cass Business School reviews the biggest corporate blunders of all time and advises how to avoid them; and Paolo Rubini of Telecom Italia talks about how his company plans to manage the risks of the next technological revolution

Asia Edition

StrategicRISK Asia-Pacific magazine now live

The bumper Q2 issue puts the spotlight on cyber, anti-globalisation, the Strategic Risk Forum and much more

StrategicRISK Asia-Pacific Q1 now live

In our first issue for 2017 we round up the top risks for the year ahead, interview Ayala Corporation’s Victoria Tan, feature special reports on trade credit insurance and climate change, and much more.

StrategicRISK Asia-Pacific Q4 now live

In our last main issue for 2016 we reveal the key results from our annual Asia Risk Report, interview Woolworths Group risk and assurance general manager Grant Katz, feature special reports on weather risks and cross-border risks, and much more.

StrategicRISK Asia-Pacific Q3 now live

In this issue we look at the challenge of managing risks on large-scale infrastructure projects, speak to experts about the lessons learned from the Tianjin disaster one year on, interview John Holland’s chief risk officer Bronwyn Friday, feature special reports on product recall and the healthcare industry, and much more. 

StrategicRISK Australia magazine: now live

Inaugural issue puts a spotlight on the country’s risk and insurance sector

StrategicRISK Asia-Pacific Q2 now live

In this issue we look at the challenge of managing risk in innovative and disruptive markets, speak to the Myanmar Brewery risk manager, include special reports on cyber risk and supply chain risk, and feature all the highlights from the Strategic Risk Forum in Singapore.

StrategicRISK Asia-Pacific Q1 issue

By Jessica Reid

In our first issue for 2016 we look at the remuneration of insurance brokers, speak to the Malaysia Airlines crisis director, look at Berkshire Hathaway Australasia’s one year report card, and so much more.

StrategicRISK Q4 2015 Asia Edition

Highlights of this issue include a special report on employee benefits, a look a regulation around the region, and our take on the top risk events of 2015

StrategicRISK China issueSubscription

Read our first-ever Chinese issue of StrategicRISK, written in English and Chinese, and featuring some of the top stories in risk and insurance in the country

StrategicRISK Q3 2015 Asia Edition

In this bumper issue we explore the political risks in Asia-Pacific, feature special reports on the Internet of Things and natural catastrophes, and profile one of Australia’s most prominent risk and insurance directors

Special report: RIMS Australia Risk ForumSubscription

By Jessica Reid

See all the highlights from the third annual RIMS Australia conference last month, plus the exclusive results of the StrategicRISK survey of Australian risk managers

The Knowledge: Political Risks

StrategicRISK Asia-Pacific’s new political risk supplement highlights the top concerns for doing business in the region

StrategicRISK Q2 2015 Asia Edition

See all the highlights from our second annual conference in Singapore, explore why D&O claims in Asia are expected to rise, and discover the biggest risk of operating in multiple territories

The Knowledge: International risks

StrategicRISK’s latest survey uncovers the top international risks facing Asia-Pacific corporates

StrategicRISK Q1 2015 Asia Edition

In the first issue of StrategicRISK for 2015, we explore how companies can develop an effective cyber risk management action plan, examine how to prepare for a crisis and ask whether the concept of a corporate risk culture is doomed to fail

StrategicRISK, Asia edition, Issue 6, December 2014

The latest edition of StrategicRISK explores corporate governance, food security and scenario analysis

StrategicRISK, Asia edition, Issue 5, September 2014

The latest edition of StrategicRISK explores construction risk, people risks and risk management maturity

StrategicRISK, Asia edition, Issue 4, July 2014

The latest edition of StrategicRISK explores managing change, intangible risk, risk management technology and social responsibility

StrategicRISK, Asia Edition, Issue 3, May 2014

The latest edition of StrategicRISK Asia explores the future of the risk management profession, risk financing intangibles and how to prepare for a product recall

Special Report

Special report: Cyber claims

The recent WannaCry ransomware attacks have spurred businesses into bolstering their online defences. But what can we expect from the next generation of cyber threats, and how will the insurance industry respond?

The Knowledge: Influencing the board

In this issue, we explain why risk managers need a compelling pitch, data at their fingertips and friends in the strategy department if they’re to win over top executives

Awards wrap up: The winners' issue

See all the highlights from the StrategicRISK Asia-Pacific Risk Management Awards 2017 in Singapore

StrategicRISK 2017 China issue out now

The annual China issue is hot off the press - right in time for the inaugural Parima conference in Shanghai

Breaking news from day 2 of the Airmic conferenceSubscription

A round-up of latest developments from the last day of the conference

Breaking news from day 1 of the Airmic conferenceSubscription

A round-up of latest developments from the first and second day of the conference

Special report: Chinese construction risks

High hopes are on China’s growing construction sector to help stimulate the country’s economy. But companies must make sure they’re adequately covered or they will nd themselves in strife.

Event wrap up: Strategic Risk Forum 2017

Strategic Risk Forum 2017 explored the most pressing risk and insurance management issues impacting corporates across Asia-Pacific. Read our live blog here. 

Special report: manufacturingSubscription

Industry 4.0 heralds the biggest change to production processes in more than 200 years. It offers unprecedented opportunities but companies must balance these against a complex downside

Special report: Trade credit

After years of rapid expansion, Asian economies are slowing. Cash flow problems are getting worse, and the only certainty is uncertainty

The Knowledge: Management liability

In the aftermath of the global financial crisis, boards are being held to account as never before. The finger of blame is shifting to directors and officers. So this time, it really could be personal

Risk managers challenged by new risksSubscription

StrategicRISK outlines the main talking points from AMRAE 2017


Guide to: cyber risks

Cyber crime used to be a rarity, with physical break-ins par for the course, but the new breed of highly sophisticated criminal makes the swiping of data tapes seem quaint. In this guide, we look at the evolving cyber risk landscape

Guide to: people risks

People are the biggest single asset of any business and need to be managed with care. They are the lifeblood of companies and represent both the past and, most importantly, the future. In this StrategcRISK Guide to People Risk, we look at some of the main issues around human capital and consider mitigation and risk transfer strategies

Terrorism and political risk briefing

Terrorism is not a new risk and has been a reality for decades. But what is new since the 9/11 attacks in 2001 is the introduction of a new level of intensity, audaciousness and geographical reach

The future of risk and insurance

This report highlights the nature of the change confronting the risk and insurance sector. Read on to find out more about the key points and trends outlined below

SR Forum: the key risks of Brexit

StrategicRISK organised a half-day event in April to assess the key risks of Brexit

A guide to the biggest risks and latest innovation in manufacturing

The number of genuinely international manufacturers that depend on increasingly extended product lifelines has grown rapidly. But so too is the stress they face. This guide looks at the top risks in the manufacturing sector and how a new technological revolution is set to change the risk landscape

Guide to technology risk

This guide reviews some of the major current technological developments and assesses how they might benefit, disrupt or threaten large corporate businesses around the world 

Latest briefing: cloud computing

Businesses are reaping the benefits of cloud services, but less has been said about the risks of data sharing technology

Guide to: property & casualty

Property and casualty lie at the heart of most large corporate insurance programmes. Taken in its most basic form, this is the major insurance line for people bricks and mortar, but it is also more far-reaching than that

SR100LIVE conference round-up

In the first of a series of quarterly SR100LIVE events, industry experts shed light on dealing with a risk that has been struck off by insurers as unquantifiable

Guide to: Multinational risks

Doing business, wherever in the world that might be, is becoming increasingly complex. We explore some of the key risks faced by businesses and risk managers in a number of regions around the world.

Guide to: Global risks for mid-sized companies

Expanding into foreign markets need not be daunting if companies are well prepared

Digital Reports

Risk connectivity becoming more complex - Asia Risk Report

Launched at Parima 2016 in Hong Kong, the StrategicRISK Annual Risk Report reports on the connectivity of risks

Exclusive: Think you know the top risks of doing business in APAC?

StrategicRISK unveils the top risks of doing business for APAC corporates

Strategic Risk - Meet the Team