Saturday, 27 May 2017

Victoria Tan, Ayala Corporation"We want to be a sustainable and resilient organisation"

Victoria Tan, group head of risk and sustainability, Ayala Corporation

Event wrap-up: PARIMA annual conference 2015

StrategicRISK was reporting on all of the action, live from the PARIMA 2015 conference in Singapore in November. We produced two newspapers - one for each day of the conference - that you can now read online 

Highlights of the dailies include: the top risks as voted by Asia-Pacific risk managers; a salary survey; news stories from the conference; our pick of the top global risk events of 2015; interviews with risk managers including BMW Brilliance’s Sharon Shi, Lazada’s Gordon Song, and Intercontinental Hotel Group’s Shuh Lin Tan; and much more.

Click here to read the Day 1 paper;  click here to read the Day 2 paper.



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