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Saturday, 20 September 2014

"Don't disregard the Black Swans"

Johann de Waal
DHL Global Business Service

Industry focus: Construction

Risk management in the construction industry: report

The worldwide financial crisis affected construction particularly hard. Now all the signs are that the industry in Europe is recovering. StrategicRISK, in association with Zurich, are pleased to present this report into the key risks facing the industry.

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Legal focus: construction risks in MENA

The MENA region has become a land of opportunity for construction projects, but those undertaking business there should be aware of certain legal specificities

Expert Opinion

'The risk manager must interface more broadly with human resources'

Chris Whitehead, Group head of sustainability and innovation, Balfour Beatty

'We need to to do something to attract women engineers into the industry'

Anders Esbjörnsson, group risk manager and managing director, NCC AB

European Country Reports

Country Report: Italy

Companies that survive and even thrive through a prolonged downturn are those that know how to innovate to accumulate

Country report: UK

Risk managers would have a competitive advantage if they were to bring the concepts of ERM and business continuity together

Risk Report Indonesia

Skills, schisms and scepticism to feature in Indonesia’s future

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