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Sunday, 23 November 2014

"Now, it is part of everyone's culture"

Lenny B Conil, risk and business
continuity manager, Veolia

Risk management in financial institutions: report

When it comes to risk, the effects of the 2007-08 crisis are still being felt today. So, where do financial institutions go from here? The report examines the top five risks facing the sector and cuts through the complexity of Basel III and other regulations.

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Risk management in financial institutions - Survey Results

A survey of senior risk managers in the financial sector reveals a complex landscape of interlocking risks, with regulatory change and cyber risks coming top of the five main risks. The survey also shows how the financial crisis affected the way in which the risk management function is perceived in financial institutions

Interview: Nick Leeson

The past 15 years have seen a plethora of banking scandals and many more continue to emerge, which begs the question as to why history keeps on repeating itself. Here, Nick Leeson, who brought down Barings Bank in 1995, talks of his experience and explains why financial institutions seem to carry on with the same erroneous ways

Regulation: Keeping up with the law

Regulatory change is a major concern for financial institutions, from an increase in EU rules to the US becoming an over-regulator

Basel III and Beyond: Aiming for Stability

European regulators have been busy since the financial crisis reforming financial markets to ensure they are better prepared to withstand future turmoil, improve governance and enhance their disclosure procedures

Cyber Risks: The most hazardous space

As the threat from fraudsters, hacktivists and hostile governments increase, financial institutions need to upgrade their cyber defences constantly. But what - if any - protection can the insurance sector offer?

Industry focus: Construction

Risk management in the construction industry: report

The worldwide financial crisis affected construction particularly hard. Now all the signs are that the industry in Europe is recovering. StrategicRISK, in association with Zurich, are pleased to present this report into the key risks facing the industry.

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Ex-RSA construction risk chief joins Marsh

Mike Spencer will drive Marsh’s delivery of market-leading services and assist its global construction clients

Legal focus: construction risks in MENA

The MENA region has become a land of opportunity for construction projects, but those undertaking business there should be aware of certain legal specificities

How does delay-in-start-up insurance work?

Delay-in-start-up (DSU) insurance is a much-misunderstood product – something that can have very real costs implications for business when things go wrong.

Building through the ages

Struggling to attract talented new recruits, the construction industry is being forced to adapt to young people’s changing expectations. The bad news is that success is likely to be years away

Now’s the time to turn green

Sustainability is a significant challenge for the construction industry. But as governments demand action and the market grows apace, the issue has become impossible to ignore

Chain reactions

‘There may be only two manufacturers in the world of what you need. You need to know what their capacity is. If one has problems, is there capacity available in the other? If there isn’t, there will be an awful lot of delayed projects’

Sponsored White Papers

Building supply chain resilience

In common with the issues faced by all sectors in managing a supply chain, construction faces specific problems that complicate the challenge of building resilience.

Construction Insights

Zurich’s issue of Insights focuses on the challenges and trends in the construction industry.

European Country Reports

Country Report: Italy

Companies that survive and even thrive through a prolonged downturn are those that know how to innovate to accumulate

Country report: UK

Risk managers would have a competitive advantage if they were to bring the concepts of ERM and business continuity together

Strategic Risk - Meet the Team