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Opinion: Risk managers must “keep calm and innovate on” to harness the power of AI

Risk managers are the vital link between a company’s wisdom and the transformative potential of artificial intelligence, says Volkan Can, enterprise risk manager of a global building materials company, and board member of ERMA, Turkey


Six risk management lessons that businesses can learn from storm chasers

Horst Simon, founder of The Risk Culture Builder, explores the connection between storm chasing and the effective management of risk.


Decision-making in the polycrisis era – will the risk profession rise to the challenge?

By Ben Cattaneo and Daniel Wagner

Traditional approaches to managing risk are not adequate, and risk professionals must adapt now. Co-authors of Decision-Making in the Polycrisis era, Ben Cattaneo and Daniel Wagner, share their tips for rising to the challenge

Charlotte Hedemark, President, FERMA

The strategist: FERMA’s new president has a gameplan to elevate the influence of risk

As Charlotte Hedemark takes up her dream role as FERMA president, she tells StrategicRISK editor Sara Benwell that helping risk managers to professionalise and elevate their strategic influence are key goals.

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Resilience lessons that will help organisations prepare for 2024

Fusion Risk Management’s Steve Richardson highlights the top continuity lessons learned in 2023 that can help businesses build resilience for the future

Risk leaders

David Arick

Interview: Five minutes with David Arick, the new president of RIMS

As David Arick begins his new role as RIMS president, StrategicRISK caught up with him to find out about his top priorities for his tenure and how he thinks the profession can evolve to meet the challenges of the future.


Senior risk managers share their top tips for managing connected risk

Breaking down siloes, moving beyond insurance and scenario analysis are all key strategies that modern risk managers must adopt to deal with the new interconnected risk landscape


Franck Baron: why risk management needs a single professional standard

Risk managers across Asia needed a place to bond and so chairman Franck Baron founded PARIMA. Ten years on, he is passing on the reins, but his commitment to binding the industry together remains strong


Time to be risk leaders

As we adapt to the era of ‘perma-crisis’, the business rationale for pushing risk management up the strategic hierarchy has never been clearer

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Curious by nature

From financial services to public servant, Andrew Methven’s search for answers has driven his career in risk


SR Q3 2023: Adapt or die

As the world of risk gets increasingly complex, there is a golden opportunity to elevate the profession beyond insurance buying, to strategic, value-adding, board-level ERM. Those risk managers who fail to step up and grab it with both hands may quickly become irrelevant.


SR Q2 2023: Protecting your greatest asset

No risk is an island. And in this complex, interconnected risk landscape we are operating in, no risk department should be either. The health of our organisations and our people depends on building risk cultures that break silos and become truly cross-functional


SR Q1 2023: Look out, listen out, speak out

One thing risk professionals know only too well is that history has a nasty habit of repeating itself


SR Q4 2022: Thriving or surviving?

As we approach year-end, it is clear 2022 has offered no reprieve from shocks and cascading risks


SR Q3 2022: Inflation - staying grounded

Even the risk community isn’t keen on trying to predict the next crisis, as each one seems to have a cascade effect