Despite the financial crisis, the directors’ and officers’ insurance market is stable, with plenty of insurers competing on price. But, as government austerity measures kick in, claims could increase and perhaps even force a hardening. StrategicRISK’s twenty page in-depth guide examines the latest trends in D&O liability across Europe.

The business world is back in the headlines. And that means the people at the top of it are coming under closer scrutiny. Correspondingly, the operating environment for directors and offi cers has only become more onerous. The prime responsibility of a director is to ensure their company is well run. Unfortunately, the number of corporate disasters and ensuing claims of negligence
or incompetence against company directors since 2008 has risen steeply. Many European institutions have been the subject of litigation, both from investors and shareholders. And the cost of proceedings is skyrocketing in line with legal expenses and the scope of multi-jurisdictional regulatory investigations.

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  1. State of the market
  2. A buyer’s guide
  3. Eurozone
  4. United Kingdom
  5. Germany
  6. France
  7. Southern Europe
  8. Central Europe
  9. Eastern Europe
  10. Scandinavia