“We are always looking for new ways to empower risk managers and brokers”

Businessman Working With Computer

ACE USA has expanded its ACE Worldview platform to ACE Risk Management (ARM) clients and brokers.

This interactive portal streamlines a range of processes including electronic delivery of policies and endorsements and allows users to view status updates for their US domestic primary casualty programs in real time.

Users can also access application pages that can be used to track the completion of account activities, review comments and status of activities, and locate documentation for activities that have been completed.

ACE USA division president Chris Maleno said: “With real-time access to information, an extensive document repository, coupled with interactive portals, ACE Worldview for ARM is a service-oriented system that allows users to manage large, complex primary casualty programs, multiple policies and recent or pending activities.”

“ACE is committed to continual investment in technologies that will help accelerate the transactional elements of risk management. We are always looking for new ways to empower risk managers and brokers. By enabling them to participate in their program in a more detailed and meaningful way, we believe they will get more out of their experience with us.”

ACE Risk Management division president Matt Merna added: “We have developed specific interactive portals to assist with the servicing of the ARM business. The various portals have been designed to allow users to utilise ACE Worldview to review information, submit requests and easily perform a variety of processes. Our goal is to use technology to enhance the overall customer experience.”