AIG responds to expected rise in business travel with extended wording and a mobile app

An increase in business travel means travelers must contend with increased exposure to risks that can range from the mundane to the extreme, according to AIG UK head of group insurances, accident and health, Guy Wilson.

The Global Business Travel Association predicts international outbound spending should increase by 12.4% to €26.5bn on a 7.2% increase in trips in 2014 and that group travel spending should increase by 7.2% to €90.4bn on a 1.5% increase in trips.

According to Wilson, the expected rise in business travel means travelers will contend with varying degrees of risk from the mundane, such as lost baggage and flight cancellations, to the extreme, such as acts of terrorism and natural disasters.  

In response to the increasing risks faced by travelers, AIG’s Lifeline Plus offering now includes extended policy wording and an innovative mobile app that provides travelers with direct access to assistance and advice at any time, wherever they are located.

Wilson said: “AIG research shows that 40% of UK business travelers require assistance during an overseas trip. Despite this, only 41% of travelers carry their insurance details with them; the majority are forced to call home in the event that assistance is needed.

“The app features a quick call help button that connects policy holders directly to emergency travel, medical and security assistance.

“It also gives access to a range of resources, including security awareness training, country reports and travel alerts that help people prepare for a trip, keep them safe while abroad and help them stay informed of changing situations while they are away.

“A dedicated assistance website is also available via the app, which contains valuable online tools to help employers to manage their duty of care requirements.”