The 2005 hurricane season could be pretty dynamic

Based upon current and projected climate signals, the Tropical Storm Risk (TSR) consortium forecasts that Atlantic Basin and US landfalling tropical cyclone activity will be 155% above average in 2005. In its February Forecast Update, TSR forecasts 13.6 (+/- 3.3) tropical cyclones, of which 7.7 (+/- 2.3) are predicted to be hurricanes. 3.5 (+/- 1.6) of these are forecast to be intense hurricanes in the category 3 - 5 range. The consortium forecasts that 4.2 (+/- 2.2) tropical storms will make landfall in the United States, with 2.0 (+/- 1.6) of these having hurricane status.

Monthly Forecast Updates will be issued through to August 2005 and can be accessed at: