The three-step solution helps companies manage Brexit risks and opportunities


Aon has launched Brexit Navigator, which will help organisations manage Brexit risks.

The new solution is supported by an interactive tool that presents scenario-based insights for each of the four freedoms of the European Union: goods, capital, services and people.

Brexit Navigator is a three-step solution, suitable for organisations globally that have operations and business interests in the UK. The three steps are:

  • Baseline – Evaluates just how Brexit-ready an organisation is, mapping out the potential risks and opportunities.
  • Balance – Realigns the risk management and insurance programme to adapt to the new organisational risk tolerance and appetite.
  • Horizon – Tests the changes introduced to an organisation’s programme to help ensure resilience for the future.

Grant Foster, managing director UK of Aon Global Risk Consulting, commented: “Extensive conversations with clients from different sectors and geographies over the past four months have given us a unique perspective on companies’ Brexit concerns. These insights, combined with our deep and extensive expertise in risk advisory and solutions, have enabled us to develop Brexit Navigator.”