How do you know what risks are top of mind in the business if you don’t ask everyone? Seek group enterprise and technology risk manager, Ben Agar says #changingrisk is impossible without these conversations.

How many authentic conversations have you had in your business? That is the question Seek group enterprise and technology risk manager, Ben Agar posed to StrategicRISK’s Risk Forum.

”Get up. Walk the floors, see what is going on and have those conversations with the business,” said Agar. 

He also noted that one of the major challenges which has come out of Australia’s Royal Commission but Agar said he is disappointed that more pressure has been placed on the on the first line of defence to close off their risks.

“It’s like putting band-aids on broken limbs. Don’t do the path of least resistance just to finish and close off the risk as soon as possible,” said Agar. 

Agar stressed that there is a lot of “untapped value in connecting people across the organisation to solve collective challenges.”

He asked delegates: “Have you considered reverse engineering data points across your business to uncover risks?”. Agar said risk managers to look at incident reports, financial statements, customer complaints, HR staff surveys and strategy plans.