Some experts - including Lloyd’s - have warned against the consequences of a Brexit, but brokers are split on the issue


Brokers are divided on assessing the impact of Brexit on insurance buying habits, a poll by law firm BLM has found.

According to 42% of respondents, Brexit would have no impact on insurance buying habits, while 40% think it would. The remaining 18% are unsure.

Helen Devery, partner and head of the broker sector at BLM, said: “The risks or benefits associated with a potential Brexit are being discussed by brokers across the UK, and will continue to be right up until the vote on 23 June.

“Some experts – including Lloyd’s – have warned that a ‘leave’ vote will result in uncertainty and a weaker position for insurers and European rivals operating in London. What [our poll] shows is that this community is split on what impact – if any – a British exit would have on insurance buying.”