This is a key industry issue, says Airmic chief

A survey of some of Aon's close competitors has found that none possess a system directly comparable to Aon's global risk insight platform (GRIP).

The GRIP system allows Aon to collect data on all types of risks and the insurance offered in different markets. Brokers can sell information from the database to insurers for a fee, passing the data on anonymously.

Several companies, including Deutsche Bank, have requested that Aon remove data from GRIP.

Towergate, JLT and Heath Lambert have confirmed that they do not use a similar system.

Rivals position

Marsh is believed to have developed something similar but not comparable to GRIP, while Lockton does not possess a system that allows the sale of client data, but is testing the analytical risk metric resources (ARMR) system, a proprietary and analytical tool.

Willis does not have a comparable system, but uses the free-of-charge Willis quality index (WQI), a benchmarking tool for clients and carriers that employs qualitative and quantitative data to rank insurers on their underwriting, policy administration, claims and service performance.

For additional fees, Willis can provide an expanded service that provides carriers with a more detailed analysis of data relating to their own performance.

Case defends

John Hurrell, chief executive of Airmic, says: "We are aware of members' potential concerns about this practice." He adds that the sale of client information, albeit anonymously, was emerging as a key industry issue.

Aon chief executive Greg Case defended the use of GRIP at the DVS Symposium on 9 September

Case said that GRIP was "overwhelmingly driven" by clients' needs and helped improve the risk transfer process.

Case added that Aon was transparent with all its clients about receiving payments, and that Aon would remove data from GRIP if asked.

An Aon spokesman said: "We are happy to explain to any client how we use their data. However, as all data used is aggregated and anonymous, it's impossible to determine individual client data from within GRIP."