Standard designed to help organisations comply with 1998 Data Protection Act

BSI British Standards invited comments for a new draft standard on the management of personal information.

Once published, the standard will assist organisations in complying with the Data Protection Act 1998, said the BSI.

DPC BS 10012, expected to be published in June 2009, is a management systems standard. It provides the framework which will enable an organisation to effectively manage personal information. For example, the standard focuses on ensuring that an organisation provides sufficient guidance and resources (e.g. staffing), and creates a positive culture within which data processing can occur.

Gordon Wanless, chair of the Data Protection Forum, said: ‘This standard will help organisations demonstrate that they are handling personal information responsibly. To ensure it is fit for purpose, it is extremely important that we receive comments on the draft standard, from both companies and individuals and I would encourage anyone with an interest to express their views.’

DPC BS 10012, can be viewed and commented on at