Research partnership to focus on the risk management practices of major organisations

A new research partnership has been announced between the Institute of Risk Management (IRM) and the Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies (CRS).

The project is to focus on risk management practices within major organisations and determine how they are adapting to future challenges and opportunities, “particularly those posed by rapid technological developments”.

Carolyn Williams, director of corporate relations, will lead the project at IRM.

Michelle Tuveson, executive sirector of the CRS, said: “Our new partnership with IRM provides a new channel to ensure input from practicing risk professionals into the work of the Centre.

“Helping organisations manage risk, of all types, better in the future is a key objective for us and we welcome the chance to advance our research with IRM support,” Tuveson added.

The CRS is a think-tank set up within the University of Cambridge’s Judge Business School.

The IRM’s chief executive, Ian Livsey, said: “Our members have day to day responsibility for risk management in organisations around the world and they deserve the highest standards of research support to provide a strong foundation for their work.

“We want to know what’s happening, what works and how the best organisations are preparing for future risks. We welcome this opportunity to connect the innovations and achievements of the Cambridge team in scenario development, network analysis, risk modelling and impact assessments with the practical concerns and experience of our members.

“We are also looking forward to sharing knowledge and events and building a mutually beneficial network with the Cambridge Centre.”