Workshops at the June AIRMIC conference.

Workshops at the June AIRMIC conference include:

  • becoming webwise
  • predicting and preventing reputation risks
  • managing insurers as well as claims
  • overcoming the 'nothing can go wrong' barrier.

    David Drury, managing director, Cognition Consulting, stresses the importance of using the internet to increase efficiency and effectiveness and support the risk management process. "Internet deployment brings down the barriers of time and geography and introduces an ideal platform for internal control mechanisms."

    David Brotzen, director, Brotzen-Mayne, and Nicola McLennan, vice-president, AIG Europe UK, say that many reputational risks are predictable. Areas that can threaten reputations include activists on the internet, fraud and boardroom battles.

    Lani Bannach, head of corporate liability risk control, UBS, and Richard Hopley, partner, D J Freeman, believe that companies are increasingly using expertise gained from managing claims within their own retentions to control claims above that level.

    David Kaye, Risk Reality, suggests that risk managers determined to add value to their organisations must overcome numerous barriers in the form of career business managers who believe that nothing can go wrong while they are in charge.

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