Today I enrolled on the IRM’s International Certificate in Risk Management

I am now officially a risk management student. Today, I enrolled on the Institute of Risk Management’s (IRM) International Certificate in Risk Management. Over the course of the next 12 months I’ll be learning the fundamentals of managing risk.

According to the course handbook: “The International Certificate provides a comprehensive introduction to the theory and application of enterprise risk management.”

The International Certificate is administered through a distance learning programme. All of the resources that I’ll need to complete my studies are available via the IRM’s website. I’ve noticed already that there’s a handy Discussion Board where I can post comments and raise issues with other students or the examiners.

As I progress with my studies I’ll be keeping a diary, which you can follow here on the StrategicRISK website. In it I’ll trace my progress with the Certificate and describe what I’ve learnt along the way.

As well as being a logbook of my progress through the course, you can expect to read about my assignments and find references to material that I’ve found useful during my studies. Hopefully other students, would-be students and risk management professionals alike will find the diary illuminating.

With a bit of luck when the time comes to take my exams in next Summer I’ll have learnt enough about the concept of risk and how to analyse and deal with it to earn myself a respectable grade.