As I write this, the very first Asia issue of StrategicRISK magazine is going to press. Yes, that’s right: Asia’s own print version of Europe’s award-winning risk management information publication has arrived.

It may be the first Asia edition of StrategicRISK to roll off the presses, but it is far from our first coverage of Asia’s rich and varied risk landscape.

Apart from the fact that SR has had an interest in global affairs for more than a decade, we’ve also been producing in-depth, Asia-specific content on this website for much of this year.

This is supported by our country-focused risk reports. So far we’ve produced reports on Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand, and our Australia and Indonesia publications will be available soon.

Our core objective is to support the development of the risk management profession in the region by promoting the important role risk managers play in the continuing success of the businesses that employ them.

And business continuity is the central theme of our launch issue. We have a story on how companies can best deal with the complexities of global interconnectivity and why enterprise risk management is crucial.

We put the so-called BRIC countries to the test to see whether the recent flattening of growth is a sign that the boom is over or merely the natural slowing of an unsustainable rate of expansion.

There are special reports on cyber risk, birth rates and supply chains, the views of some of the region’s most prominent risk professionals, plus much more.

The launch issue will be available for download from 1 December – or you can contact William Sanders at to set up your hard-copy subscription.

Yours in risk,

Sean Mooney

Asia editor