While European business opportunities will continue next year...

While European business opportunities will continue next year, the period will be dominated by the threat of a major terrorist incident, whether in the run-up to the Greek Olympics, or as a result of the many warnings issued by security services in Europe, says Control Risks Group's RiskMap 2004.

The report, which charts global opportunities and hot spots around the world, warns that security at the August 2004 Athens Olympic Games is expected to suffer from understaffing and inconsistent management. 'The risk of a major terrorist attack is low, but cannot be ruled out.' It also suggests that Chechen rebels may begin to target Western interests in Russia, though the main focus of Chechen attacks will remain Russian government and military buildings in the North Caucasus.

RiskMap 2004 includes Control Risk's security risk ratings forecasts, which identify the projected level of business risk in various countries around the globe. It costs £150.

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