AMRAE chief executive one what makes the association special

What are you thinking right now?

The future of risk management as AMRAE has recently published the first risk manager framework, which lists the competencies and personal skills necessary to become a risk manager. The association also wants to carry on building relationships with risk managers’ associations and risk managers worldwide as we are witnessing the emergence of an international community of risk managers. 

What is your most treasured possession?

AMRAE’s members. One of the most important aspects of my job is to meet members and hear about their needs and experiences, how they approach problems, what solutions worked and what did not, their successes and failures. It’s always interesting to hear risk managers discuss ways to improve their jobs. This fits well with the AMRAE’s mindset of research, discussions, publications and sharing.

Who is your greatest hero? 

AMRAE’s president, Gilbert Canameras, of course!

What’s the biggest risk you have taken?

Leaving KPMG for AMRAE 12 years ago, after having developed a risk management and internal audit department there. I wanted to concentrate on risk management. I prefer taking risks than auditing them.

What is your greatest fear?

Missing an important issue, failing the needs of, or misunderstanding the worries of, our members. Even though we collaborate closely with our scientific committee, there is always a risk of missing a subject, pushing the wrong agenda or forgetting something.

Tell us a secret?

AMRAE’s board of directors and its president have implemented a real strategy based on their experiences. The board of directors has defined the goals, the ways and the resources required to address the needs of risk managers. Do not repeat this, but AMRAE works, is organised and governed with the same attention to detail as a real business.

What makes you happy?

Schools, businesses, members, the FERMA certification project, all these stakeholders understand that tomorrow’s risk management will be a real tool for performance and support in business strategy. Back to reflection! Analysis and decision of acceptable risk are back in business thanks to risk managers. In this context, I am happy and proud to notice the growing success of our training programs. It is a real proof that we meet expectations. We worked so hard in the past years to make the stakeholders aware of the added value of risk management. Now, they will find at AMRAE Formation the Holly Grail: the ARM program!

What is the most important lesson you have learnt?

A professional association should concentrate on the concerns of its members. If it offers a platform for discussions, reflection and interesting and relevant publications, it will be of interest to risks managers. They, in turn, will want to share their problems and solutions. This approach is in the DNA of a professional association such as AMRAE. 

Bénédicte Huot de Luze, chief executive, AMRAE