The most effective tactic to ’getting a seat at the table’ is simply to invite yourself, according to Telstra’s chief risk officer, Joanna Knox.

Speaking at StrategicRISK’s Risk Forum Australia, Knox said it is important to know and “stalk” the company calendar in order to know where there may be an opportunity to join or influence agendas from a risk perspective. 

“Go to all the meetings you are invited to, even if they aren’t relevant to you,” said Knox adding that It is important to be seen and to understand where the company is coming from or going to.

Knox told delegates that as important as it is to be involved in meetings, it is also important for risk managers to remove themselves to examine what has been learned from meetings and how to work that back into their organisation’s strategy.

“When it comes to using data, objectivity is much more important than quantification in risk,” said Knox. She explained that being able to use objectivity in the absence of data is one area in which risk managers can really add value to the business, particularly ahead of major decisions being made.