People are the biggest single asset of any business and need to be managed with care. They are the lifeblood of companies and represent both the past and, most importantly, the future. In this StrategcRISK Guide to People Risk, we look at some of the main issues around human capital and consider mitigation and risk transfer strategies

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In this guide:

Duty of care
Staff performance and integrity can determine if a company stands or falls

The opportunity of analytics
Big data is giving companies the chance to model staff trends more efficiently

Managing people risks
Understand your culture and you stand a better chance of managing risk to your human capital

Migration and expats
Employers have a responsibility to ensure their expat staff and families stay healthy and safe

Business travel
Companies have a duty of care to their staff and failure to ensure this can have disastrous consequences

Kidnap and ransom
As the scope of terrorism attacks widens, companies are having to keep up with the complexity of threats to staff

Flexible working
If applied shrewdly, flexible working arrangements can give companies a competitive advantage

Internal Crime
Whether it’s a stolen stapler or illegal trades, companies need to address crime committed by their own staff

The real cyber threat
Employees being duped or blackmailed are perfectly placed to help cyber criminals

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