Cybit says that strict health and safety laws may raise interest in work related road safety technology

The Health and Safety (Offences) Act, which gained royal assent on October 16 2008, could trigger interest in telematics and its role in road safety, said Cybit.

Under the new Act, employees, managers and company directors who fail to demonstrate compliance with health and safety regulations could now be subject to large fines and, in severe cases, a jail sentence of up to two years.

Cybit believes that the legislation will trigger interest in the role of telematics in relation to work related road safety, as companies look to new technology in order to monitor their workforce.

Vehicle Telematics can provide remote visibility and data on driver behaviour.

Key advantages of the tracking software include an ability to remotely monitor hours worked, time driven without breaks, speeding, harsh braking and acceleration as well as vehicle information.

The British Safety Council chief executive Brian Nimick said: ‘[The Act] highlights the importance of the use of best practice in the workplace and sends a very clear message to employers that neglecting health and safety regulation is not acceptable and will be punished.’

Main provisions of the bill

Makes a prison sentence an option for most Health and Safety offences in lower and higher courts

Raises the maximum fine which may be imposed by the lower courts to £20,000 for most offences

Makes certain offences that can currently only go to trial in lower courts, triable in either the lower or higher courts.