Nathan Skinner

Nathan Skinner

Nathan is associate editor of StrategicRISK magazine. He joined in 2007 as a senior reporter. Before that he was a reporter with Insurance Times.

He grew up in the Brecon Beacons in Wales and eventually studied for a BA degree in History and a MA Postgraduate Degree in Journalism and Cultural Studies at Cardiff University. Whilst studying he worked as a reporter for the South Wales Echo.

After graduating Nathan moved to Toronto, Canada where he began his career in business journalism. After two years working in North America he returned to Britain and set up base London.

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  • Marketing

    Leading lights shine at StrategicRISK Awards 2011

    I’d like to express huge congratulations to all of the winners of this year’s StrategicRISK European Risk Management Awards. We tend to say this every year but it’s really true that the standard of entries just keeps on getting better.

  • 20 years in risk

    Amrae 2012: marking two decades of change


    In celebration of Amrae’s 20th Les Rencontres, StrategicRISK brings you this special supplement tracking the progress of the risk management profession over the past two decades.

  • Comment

    In search of sunny climes


    Just what would it take to convince a captive to redomicile to Qatar?

  • Comment

    Financial sector risk is still lagging


    With memories of the financial crisis fading a new report warns that the lessons from 2008 have not yet been learnt

  • Case Studies

    Is nuclear apocalypse being overhyped?


    The unfolding nuclear crisis in Japan, while worrying, is a classic example of the media hyping up a risk and causing more problems

  • Directors can be held liable for bribery

    Bribery Act delay


    Risk managers tell me they are still concerned about the Bribery Act even though it’s been delayed a couple of times now

  • Peter Den Dekker crosses the finishing line



    Ferma organised a ice skating race in Stockholm ahead of the forum in October. StrategicRISK was brave (or stupid) enough to join in

  • Comment

    Colin Campbell


    Communication is key for risk managers. Airmic's former chairman and Arcadia's risk boss explains the principal challenges facing his profession

  • Paul Daviz

    Gagged and caged


    The likes of Facebook and Twitter have created new ways for businesses to connect with their customers. Now they must learn to use these social media platforms while not ignoring the reputation risks they pose

  • Interviews

    Blame culture


    Are risk managers concerned about a potential rise in lawsuits, and can the D&O market remain stable? StrategicRISK, in association with ACE, surveyed you to find out

  • Features

    The perfect space storm


    As solar activity hots up, could we be heading towards another massive sun storm? The effects of such a superstorm could be devastating to the technology-dependent modern world - we need to up our sun protection, says Nathan Skinner

  • Some wood from pulp mills accused of causing deforestation and destructive operatoins has been found in paper awarded an eco-label

    How to: Understand eco-labels


    An overabundance of eco-labels and soft testing criteria is making it hard to consume responsibly. Are these green seals losing their clout? Nathan Skinner investigates

  • Interviews

    Rethink and rebuild


    As companies attempt to dust themselves down after the financial crisis, what role does risk management have in the recovery? Nathan Skinner puts the big questions to Zurich Financial Services’ group chief economist Daniel Hofmann

  • Features

    How to: Influence risk perception


    It is vital that risk managers understand how people think; how ‘head logic’ and gut instinct can work against each other. Nathan Skinner delves into the psychology of risk

  • Features

    Favourite covers


    StrategicRISK’s bold and dramatic cover images tell the story and history of this magazine and the risk management profession

  • Pensions Insight: 9/11 attack

    The events that rocked our world


    Terrorism, war, natural disasters and financial ruin - the past decade saw it all. Nathan Skinner takes a look at these incidences and how the risk management world has changed as a result. For better or for worse, we'll never be the same again

  • Features

    Towards a better world


    Sustainability, ethical standards and anti-corruption measures - these are the three big issues that should be dominating every corporate agenda, bellieves Nathan Skinner

  • Features

    Born free and equal


    The multinational that abuses its power in poorer countries risks financial losses, litigation and reputational ruin. Yet shocking cases of exploitation still occur. It is time to take responsibility, says Nathan Skinner

  • Features

    Evolving threats


    As political risk uncertainty rises, the threat landscape is changing. StrategicRISK has teamed up with ACE to find out what tops your list of concerns and what you’re doing to mitigate them

  • Analysis

    Diary of an IRM student


    Christmas has set me back a bit, but I’m working hard to catch up

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