Over 19,000 UK citizens are involved in emergencies abroad every year

The British Foreign Office’s report on British behaviour abroad revealed that 19,228 British citizens needed assistance overseas during the past 12 months with Spain producing the most incidents.

The report found that the number of Brits hospitalised abroad increased overall with Spain handling the most at 1,024 cases followed by Greece. Proportionally British citizens are most likely to be hospitalised in Thailand.

A new personal emergency service for British travellers was launched in 34 European countries as well as Russia and South Africa.

Users of the Skyguard International service carry a small GPS alarm. Once the alarm is activated it allows customers to communicate with a management centre in the UK that will coordinate a response by giving advice, summoning national emergency services of the country in question and contacting the victim’s relatives or employers.

Clients can provide detailed personal information on medical conditions, medication taken and allergies through an online portal which can then be passed on to the emergency services.