AIRMIC is making a concerted effort to deepen its involvement with all its members and to broaden its appeal to managers who have risk management responsibilities but not necessarily a risk management job title.

Although AIRMIC now holds a range of events, chief executive John Hurrell wants to reach members who don’t regularly take part in the various AIRMIC academy sessions, briefings or the annual lecture. It’s a key objective for 2010, and he says technology can make a difference.

For example, the new AIRMIC i-player means members anywhere in the country can watch a high quality video of events on the association’s website, and the system in use provides titles and an index, so it’s possible to pick out specific sections of a presentation and not have to watch from start to finish to find items of interest.

The D&O breakfast briefing which took place on 20 October in London has served as a pilot project. Hurrell says that AIRMIC has other ideas – a gleam in the eye – to exploit the technology, such as a series of interviews.

The outreach, however, is not just pull; it’s also push. Chairman Paul Howard has begun a series of regional meetings with members. The first one was scheduled for 24 November in Leeds and others are planned for next year. They will be sessions for local members and some AIRMIC partners as knowledge exchanges and networking events.

Howard said: “We are anxious to combat any perception of AIRMIC as too London-centric. The pilot recording of one of our popular breakfast seminars is part of this process of trying different things to appeal to members outside London. I am seeking to do this by having a series of regional meetings.”

In addition, members in Ireland have said they want to meet informally under the AIRMIC umbrella. Comments Howard said: “This networking and sharing best practice is a key advantage of AIRMIC membership and way that we can take this learning to influence outcomes in our organisations.”