The UK Association of Corporate Treasurers (ACT) is introducing a certificate paper in pensions risk management (Cert PRM), which will specifically address the regulatory and market issues facing UK c

Despite the introduction of a range of national and international regulations - from new reporting standards to the UK Pensions Act of 2004 - this is the first such qualification aimed specifically at arming corporate treasurers, finance directors and risk managers with the knowledge to manage pensions liabilities in the new environment. As such, the course has already attracted endorsement from the corporate sector:

"This module will help all those that study it to make significant improvements in their approach to pensions and pension risk management," says David Blackwood, group treasurer at ICI. "It gives excellent coverage to all areas of pensions that finance professionals and others need to understand."

Areas covered by Cert PRM include the appearance of pensions liabilities on company balance sheets, as dictated by FRS 17 in the UK and IAS 19 internationally, and the responsibility devolved on companies for these liabilities by the UK Pensions Act 2004.