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Quick briefing: learning lessons from the Dubai floods

Preparation and planning are everything, when it comes to managing flood risk. Experts share their top tips for getting ahead of threats.

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The educator: RMIA’s Simon Levy on why education is the greatest tool in a risk manager’s armoury

Asking questions, really listening to the answers and learning all the time – this is what defines a great risk manager, RMIA’s CEO and company secretary Simon Levy tells Trevor Treharne.


Spotlight on: the risks of doing business in Australia and how to mitigate them

Despite rich natural resources and an impressively stable economy, it’s not a case of ‘no worries’ for Australia. Battling intense climate change exposure and a cybersecurity crisis, the nation’s risk managers must keep a cool head and get creative, reports Trevor Treharne.


The U.S., China and the struggle for electric vehicle dominance

As the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) reshapes EV manufacturing, nations race to secure their place in the future of the industry.

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Malware top cyber threat for companies while ransomware risks grow - how risk managers can react

A compliance mindset and collaboration are key to dealing with a surge in cyber crime. Here’s what risk managers need to know


Our state of the industry survey reveals risk managers' top concerns for 2024

Our 2024 State of the Industry survey reveals a risk profession that is evolving, with more practitioners than ever moving beyond insurance buying to focus on enterprise risk management. But with new threats emerging at a dizzying rate, the pressure is on to improve controls and communicate your value. Sara ...

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Health and safety tops risk concern list for Directors and Officers - here’s how to protect your business

Health and safety, cyber, and data loss are all key risks facing company directors and officers. To manage the threats, risk managers must focus on breaking down siloes and attaching dollar values to key threats

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Why understanding the geopolitical rivalry over AI is business-critical

Technological rivalry around artificial intelligence is creating limitations on which systems can be deployed around the world and how they can be developed. Oxford Analytica’s Megha Kumar explains what businesses need to know