The worldwide financial crisis affected construction particularly hard. Now all the signs are that the industry in Europe is recovering. StrategicRISK, in association with Zurich, are pleased to present this report into the key risks facing the industry.

The construction industry in Europe is slowly emerging from its leanest period in living memory.

Building work may not yet be booming, but it is certainly in a far healthier state than it has been for several years.

The recovery across the continent remains patchy and not uniform, but most analysts and forecasters agree that the future is extremely positive.Currently, the UK and Germany are faring better in terms of the scale of new developments, while the states of southern Europe are making a more laboured transition.

Southern Europe, in particular Spain, continues to be affected by the effects of the international financial crisis that first manifested itself on the construction sector in 2008 and brought a decade of strong growth to an abrupt halt.

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