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    Roundtable Part 3


    GEOFF MILLER: What that illustrates too is the way in which the energy supply mix is changing and that to some extent influences the supply chain management issues as well. There was the dash for gas in the 1990s and so, if there were a significant event in the ...

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    Roundtable Part 2


    SUE COPEMAN: Looking at raw materials supply, there is a lot of talk because of the scarcity of oil or the cost of excavating remaining sources of oil, saying that we are going to have to build more nuclear power stations. As a risk manager, Kitty, how does that seem ...

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    Roundtable Part 1


    SUE COPEMAN: Supply continuity is probably a concern which is at the forefront of all your minds. As you are essentially in the service sector, supply has got to be pretty key. So I wondered what sort of issues you have encountered when you have been looking at this? Geoff, ...

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    Roundtable participants


    Simon Allen, consultant, Aon Global Risk ConsultingSue Copeman, editor, StrategicRISK who chaired the discussionSarah Hardingham, director global risk management InterGen (UK) LtdGeoff Miller, head of risk management, United Utilities plcKitty Sinclair, risk and insurance manager, British Energy Group plcKim Watts, head of risk assurance, EDF Energy

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    Energy and utilities - building on best practice


    The power and utilities sector is fairly heavily regulated in the UK. This discussion highlighted the need for organisations to achieve balance between the regulators’ requirements and the organisation’s own additional objectives

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    Retail groups


    For retail groups, it appears that only a very few risks, if poorly managed, do not have the potential to bounce back and hit your organisation where it hurts, at the level of brand and reputation