The impact of social media emerged as a key factor when top risk managers met in London today to discuss crisis management

Social media considered game changer at SR100 meeting

SR100 members met today to discuss how risk managers are practically involved in crisis management, and share their thoughts and experiences on the subject.

The impact of social media, and its potential to calm or inflame public opinion, was as at the forefront of discussion. Platforms like Twitter, for example, mean that news is able to be disseminated at a much faster speed than ever before, and with over 100 million people using the site each month the audience is huge.

Speaking after his presentation, Peter Power, Managing Director of Visor Consultants said that risk managers “have to be far more aware, up to speed, and capable” of both the risks and possibilities that social media exposes firms to.

Whilst many companies are already using social media for marketing purposes, Power went on to say that many still fail to grasp the medium’s potential for effective message delivery in times of crisis, adding that “promoting your company is very different from having to defend it”.