Learn how to shape a positive risk culture that leads to more proactive risk assessment and better organisational decision-making.

Modern risk management is about more than simply cataloguing risks. Instead, risk managers need to ensure that risk is embedded in every decision, organisation-wide.

Achieving this means building a risk culture that empowers employees to make risk-informed decisions, but where to start?


Our special report, in association with Riskonnect, features step-by-step guides, expert advice and case studies demonstrating how risk managers can harness the power of positive risk culture, including:

  • The power to change things: A StrategicRISK roundtable offers practical tips on building a positive risk culture with tangible results.

  • Grading your own work: When it comes to your own culture, how are you measuring success? In our feature, experts share their approaches

  • Ears and eyes open: An expert from Riskonnect shares the building blocks you need to shape a positive risk culture.

  • Rescued from the pitfalls of success: Our case study tells the story of an SME that overcame growing pains with a formalised approach to risk and a risk culture built on accountability.

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