Further research required to enable suitable business continuity approaches to be implimented

65% of firms fear cyber attack in 2013

A new survey conducted by the Business Continuity Institute (BCI) revealed that 65% of organisations are “extremely concerned or concerned” about a cyber attack in 2013.

The Horizon Scan 2013 Survey Report also revealed that 71% of companies believe the threat requires a business continuity response, with 42% seeking to manage the prevalence and high adoption of internet-dependent services within their preparedness activities. 

The report argued that more needs to be done to gain a better understanding of cyber threats and the underlying trends that drive its vulnerability in order to ensure that a proportionate business continuity approach can be put in place.

BCI technical director Lyndon Bird said: “For the first time, we see a study that brings together short-term threats with the underlying trends that drive disruption. This provides business managers with both an immediate-term focus and insight into the longer-term needs for capability development.”

“The dominance of technology and internet-related threats and trends in this year’s survey mirrors events we have seen in the real world recently with, for example, PayPal, RIM, O2 and RBS. 

“The high level of concern over a cyber attack may well be misplaced, but it demands a considered independent analysis of the threat to avoid hype and disillusionment and ensure a proportionate response is in place. The BCI is willing to bring its unique view on disruption and preparedness to the debate.”