Be part of the #ChangingRisk community

#ChangingRisk is a global network of progressive risk professionals who want to pioneer new thinking in risk management and inspire an evolved and enhanced approach to risk, so that the community can better support business leaders, the board, c-suite and senior executives to make risk-informed decisions, as the business landscape becomes ever more challenging and complex.

From progressive risk professionals to c-suite executives and managers, #ChangingRisk brings together everyone with a stake in achieving business success to exchange, challenge and inspire new thinking that could help better align risk management to strategic decision-making. #ChangingRisk is a social movement and a network of professionals who want to create impact and make a difference to the direction of risk management today and in the future.

We aim to disseminate views and thought leadership, drive conversation and debate, inspire new ideas through a multiplatform of content initiatives online, in print, and live at our events.

We welcome views from everyone who:

✓ Has an ambition to change or enhance risk management today and in the future
✓ Sees risk management as a vital tool that can support and enhance strategic decision-making
✓ Wants to showcase the full potential of risk management as a business enablement tool and engage the board, the c-suite and executive management on how risk management can be applied to decision-making
✓ Wants to inspire and pioneer new thinking in risk and challenge traditional perceptions of risk management
✓ Wants to complement and expand their network beyond their local association and make new connections globally
✓ Is motivated to make a difference

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