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Tuesday, 23 September 2014

"Don't disregard the Black Swans"

Johann de Waal
DHL Global Business Service


JLT boosts US cyber team

23 September 2014

Broker poaches three cyber specialists from Lockton to strengthen its US cyber services

How to protect your reputation from the risks linked to a product recall

23 September 2014

Teresa Hitchcock, partner in the regulatory and government affairs group at DLA Piper, answers questions from risk managers with concerns about brand damage, supply chain and product risks

Why BYOD blurs the line between work and play

23 September 2014

Firms adopting bring your own device to work need to understand what risks are involved and ensure the content and tone of policies are right

Lloyd’s insurer launches cyber cover for infrastructure and machinery

19 September 2014

Insurer warns that that critical infrastructure is increasingly vulnerable to malicious cyber breaches, presenting the global economy with “potential catastrophic risk”

Plugging the gaps in the supply chainSubscription

17 September 2014

International lenders are now increasingly offering supply chain finance

KPMG: Top five disruptive technologies that will change businesses by 2017

17 September 2014

More than 700 business leaders share their views on barriers to technology innovation adoption, and the scope of business disruption driven by emerging technologies

Emerging risks will drive increase in liability claims – Swiss Re

17 September 2014

Cyber, regulatory changes and economic growth will bump up levels of claims, according to a new report  

More News

New DVS chair: ‘We can do more and think beyond insurance'

2 September 2014

In the lead up to the association’s annual conference this month, the new head of German risk and insurance association says he wants to redefine what the organisation stands for and to be a force for change in the sector

Five minutes with: data and privacy legal expert Eduardo Ustaran

28 July 2014

Hogan Lovells partner and head of European privacy and informaiton practice on data protection, regulation and privacy impact assessments

Five minutes with: Malaysia Airports' Muhammad Faisha Shahriman

10 July 2014

Award winnning Malaysia Airports Holdings risk manager on the importance of pulling in the same direction to achieve collective goals


Guide to: Multinational risks

Doing business, wherever in the world that might be, is becoming increasingly complex. We explore some of the key risks faced by businesses and risk managers in a number of regions around the world.

Breaking the glass ceiling for women in risk and insurance

9 September 2014

Three women from Willis,Lloyd’s Market Association and Hempel who made it to the top of the male-dominated risk and insurance industry recall how they overcame prejudice and why they support greater diversity

“A key to success is to take on what others are unwilling to take”

4 September 2014

Aon head of cyber and commercial E&O EMEA Sarah Stephens on what it takes to succeed in the risk profession  

"We must raise the number of women at board level" − ACE chief

3 September 2014

ACE Group country president France, Nadia Côté says the industry can benefit from greater diversity at every level

"I'm not a supporter of the women's quota in Germany"Subscription

3 September 2014

Bombardier head of risk engineering, global risk management and insurance, Malwine Braunwarth examines the issue of gender diversity

Anne Charon: how I made it to the top of Zurich, France

27 August 2014

Charon looks back at her career, explaining why she will never leave financial services and how she overcame prejudice in the sector

Sponsored white papers

FM Global Reason magazine Issue 2: 2014

Hershey's strategy unwrapped

News Analysis: Beware of El Niño

Protecting complex supply chains

News Analysis June 2014: State of the union

European Parliament elections threw up some interesting debate

Risk management in the construction industry: report

The worldwide financial crisis affected construction particularly hard. Now all the signs are that the industry in Europe is recovering. StrategicRISK, in association with Zurich, are pleased to present this report into the key risks facing the industry.

Five minutes with Bertrand Piccard – DVS 2014Subscription

12 September 2014

The man responsible for the first solar-powered airplane capable of flying around the world talks to StrategicRISK about the risks lessons learnt from a revolutionary plane

Five minutes with Airbus head of risk Ingo Zimmermann – DVS 2014Subscription

11 September 2014

Zimmermann on the top risks for German risk managers and how to cope with those challenges

Insuring terror and political risks in Germany – DVS 2014

11 September 2014

“Companies are not only looking at their own risks, but also taking into account that the ‘Made in Germany’ tag may make them vulnerable if terrorists want to attack Germany itself” warns Johannes Jung, of German-based broker, Gebrüder Krose

What risk managers should be looking for in industrial insurance – DVS 2014

11 September 2014

BASF’s senior-vice president in corporate insurance Dr. Eberhard Faller on picking the right industrial insurance and getting maximum value

Plugging the gaps in the supply chainSubscription

17 September 2014

International lenders are now increasingly offering supply chain finance

Navigating through Latin America’s patchy environmental laws Subscription

11 September 2014

Regulation is lacking in clarity and the lesson for multinationals in the increasingly sensitive mining sector is that they must take into account all stakeholders, including local communities

Risks of operating in diverse Latin America

4 September 2014

Latin America is a region that no ambitious multinational can ignore, particularly as trade between emerging countries is expected to account for about 40% of global trade by 2030, but there are variations in regulation that businesses need to get to grips with

Hill Dickinson: Is reputational risk really an untouchable intangible? Subscription

11 September 2014

The consequences and complexity of reputational risk are why many cite it the risk they worry most about, but peace of mind lies closer to home than many think, says partner, Magnus Boyd

Editor's opinion: events of the past six months threaten to redefine how we perceive risk

14 August 2014

“The speed of recent events – from the disappearance of MH370 to emergence of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria has made it harder to join the dots and assess the impact”

Asia editor's opinion: Malaysia Airlines must rebuild from the ground up

14 August 2014

Asia editor Sean Mooney on the reputational challenge facing Malaysia Airlines and wider political implications of the MH17 crisis

Opinion: “We are only moments away from the next major cyber hacking story”

4 August 2014

The finance sector is no less vulnerable to attacks than consumer markets says Colin Lobley, director at risk consultancy firm, Manigent.

StrategicRISK Europe edition – September 2014

1 September 2014

In this month’s issue we spoke to the new chairman of the German risk and insurance managers’ association DVS before the start of its annual conference this month; eleven of the industry’s top female risk and insurance professionals in a special women in risk feature; and examine whether Malaysia Airlines needs to rebrand following the losses of MH370 and MH17

StrategicRISK Europe edition - June 2014

15 June 2014

This month’s edition looks at protecting non-physical assets against ongoing digital revolution, trends affecting captive growth worldwide, and the potential threat of Russia in the midst of the crisis in Ukraine

Guide to: Multinational risks

Doing business, wherever in the world that might be, is becoming increasingly complex. We explore some of the key risks faced by businesses and risk managers in a number of regions around the world.

Guide to: Global risks for mid-sized companies

Expanding into foreign markets need not be daunting if companies are well prepared

Guide to: Claims

Almost everyone hopes they will never need to use their insurance but if it becomes necessary, understanding how to navigate a path through the claims process is crucial

Country Reports

Country Report: Italy

Companies that survive and even thrive through a prolonged downturn are those that know how to innovate to accumulate

Country report: UK

Risk managers would have a competitive advantage if they were to bring the concepts of ERM and business continuity together

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