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Friday, 30 January 2015

"All parties in the risk chain need to collaborate"

Jacqueline McNamee,
AIG UK managing director


Exclusive: Ian Livsey to become the IRM’s new chief executive on Monday

29 January 2015

Livsey will bring experience in trade accreditation and occupational standards

Healthcare in Africa improves amid Ebola outbreak

29 January 2015

International SOS’ analysis reveals the world’s most dangerous locations concerning health risk

ACE launches dedicated cyber practice for Continental Europe

29 January 2015

The insurer will provide local cyber risk solutions for clients in key Continental European markets, using its recently established global cyber risk practice

New model quantifies political risk to investors

28 January 2015

Investors in Ukraine are expected to lose more than one third of their investment in a 10-year time frame

Growth opportunities at its highest in the UK compared to other EU countries according to 1,322 chief executivesSubscription

27 January 2015

Chief executives also highlighted the US, Germany and China as the most important countries for growth, but say they are concerned by a shortage of talent

REVEALED: how corporates rate brokers and insurers

23 January 2015

Brokers and insurers are failing to keep pace with the changing demands of the UK’s largest businesses, according to StrategicRISK’s UK Corporate Insurance Buyers’ Survey 2015

Willis signs deal to buy 85% stake in broker Miller

22 January 2015

Two firms combine specialty and wholesale businesses to form standalone legal entity and separate Lloyd’s broker

Business innovation in the EU at its lowest for at least six years

22 January 2015

EU figures reveal country-by-country innovation levels, with less than half of total EU firms cowing innovative activity

More News

Kering's Anne-Marie Fournier on managing supply chain risks of 23 brands

17 December 2014

The risk and insurance manager explains how she grapples with the risks and challenges facing the global luxury, sports and lifestyle company

What is the best way to protect business reputation?

10 December 2014

Hill Dickinson partner Magnus Boyd explains why companies should care about negative or inaccurate stories about them and why protecting data is so essential

How can risk managers promote compliance programmes?

10 November 2014

Seth Berman, Stroz Friedberg’s executive managing director and UK head, on the value of compliance programmes

Sponsored white papers

FM Global Reason magazine Issue 3: 2014

Chinese factory leads in safety

News Analysis: Vote of confidence?

What does the “no” vote mean for businesses in - or trading with - the UK?


Guide to: Multinational risks

Doing business, wherever in the world that might be, is becoming increasingly complex. We explore some of the key risks faced by businesses and risk managers in a number of regions around the world.

Potential changes to Pool Re costs and rules on kidnap and ransom on the horizon

16 January 2015 By Simon Kilgour, partner partner in the insurance and reinsurance team at CMS

Two terror-related rule changes emanating from the UK have put corporate property owners and those using London’s kidnap and ransom market on notice

Is your business ready for the Data Protection Regulation?

1 January 2015 By Anthony Lee is a partner at DMH Stallard

With new EU data protection rules on the horizon, organisations should take steps to ensure compliance or face tough sanctions

How can businesses protect their confidential information?

9 December 2014

A company’s trade secrets are one of its key assets and global organisations need to keep it secure and limit their exposure to legal risks, as DLA Piper explains

3-D printing: will new technology still end up in old-fashioned liability?

5 December 2014 By Andrew Stevenson, partner at Elborne Mitchell

Supply chains may never be the same again, but new problems are bound to arise

Risk management in financial institutions: report

When it comes to risk, the effects of the 2007-08 crisis are still being felt today. So, where do financial institutions go from here? The report examines the top five risks facing the sector and cuts through the complexity of Basel III and other regulations.

Risk management in the construction industry: report

The worldwide financial crisis affected construction particularly hard. Now all the signs are that the industry in Europe is recovering. StrategicRISK, in association with Zurich, are pleased to present this report into the key risks facing the industry.

StrategicRISK Europe edition − December 2014Subscription

11 December 2014

December’s edition of StrategicRISK examines the increasing complexity of supply chain risk management; the need for businesses to monitor the shifting political risk landscape in Europe; and why renewable energy is attracting corporate investment. K&L Gates offers advice on Ebola-related insurance claims; and Kering risk and insurance manager Anne-Marie Fournier explains the challenges of looking after 23 different brands.

StrategicRISK Europe edition – November 2014

20 November 2014

November’s edition of StrategicRISK explores ‘Black Swan’ events and whether risk managers can prepare for improbable, unforeseeable, game-changing events. Cass Business School reviews the biggest corporate blunders of all time and advises how to avoid them; and Paolo Rubini of Telecom Italia talks about how his company plans to manage the risks of the next technological revolution

Guide to: Multinational risks

Doing business, wherever in the world that might be, is becoming increasingly complex. We explore some of the key risks faced by businesses and risk managers in a number of regions around the world.

Guide to: Global risks for mid-sized companies

Expanding into foreign markets need not be daunting if companies are well prepared

Guide to: Claims

Almost everyone hopes they will never need to use their insurance but if it becomes necessary, understanding how to navigate a path through the claims process is crucial

Country Reports

Country Report: Italy

Companies that survive and even thrive through a prolonged downturn are those that know how to innovate to accumulate

Country report: UK

Risk managers would have a competitive advantage if they were to bring the concepts of ERM and business continuity together

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