Three experts share their best practices, tips, and advice to help companies measure interconnected threats, build business continuity, and ultimately enhance resilience.

It has never been more clear that a single event can start a chain that creates widespread repercussions across geographies and industries.

The highly complex nature of supply chains means that many businesses are unaware of their true exposures, and that underestimating threats is an easy trap to fall into.

To help businesses untangle the web of interconnected threats, StrategicRISK assembled a panel of three experts, to share their best practices, tips, and advice to mitigate these threats, build business continuity, and ultimately enhance resilience.

Watch the recording below to learn:

  • How the interconnectivity of risks is changing, against a backdrop of global trade and online connectivity.
  • Why understanding the connections between risks matters, and the consequences of ignoring them.
  • How risk managers can go about mapping these connections and what tools or solutions work well vs those that might be outdated.
  • How to consider unknown and unexpected risks, when planning around interconnected threats and building resilience.
  • Tips for considering how solutions and mitigations designed to counter one threat may create other risks in other areas and how to avoid this.


  • Dr Camila Witt, Chief Risk and Compliance Officer at Inpay

    Camila has a strong background in enterprise risk management and anti-financial crime, especially AML/CTF. She also has experience with FSA licence applications in Denmark and Finland. Camila’s primary responsibilities at Inpay include ensuring that all activities comply with applicable legislation and regulation, plus managing the continuous implementation of a strong risk framework. Educated in the law, Camila has Ph.Ds from universities in Italy and Brazil.

  • Volkan Can, Enterprise Risk Manager at ÇİMSA and board member at the Turkish risk management member association, KRYD

    Volkan Can is a risk, internal control & compliance manager, and a mechanical engineer with over 16 years of extensive experience in various sectors of the industry.

    With a strong foundation in project management, he has played pivotal roles in overseeing diverse projects encompassing construction infrastructure, superstructure development, as well as precious metals processing and mining activities.

    For the past decade, he has been an integral part of Sabancı Holding, one of Turkey’s foremost conglomerates, serving in prominent positions within Çimsa, a leading building materials company and globally leading white cement manufacturing company under the Sabancı umbrella. Progressing through successive roles, he has demonstrated expertise in pivotal areas including Audit, Strategy, Risk & Internal Control, and Compliance Management.

    He is a versatile professional, seamlessly transitioning between field operations and corporate governance roles, fostering a comprehensive understanding of both practical execution and strategic oversight.

  • Ian Evans, Lead Solutions Consultant at Riskonnect

    Ian has over 30 years of experience in IT Programming & Project Management within the Telecoms sector. He has a wealth of knowledge on large-scale System Design & Implementation initiatives, plus associated Business Transformation and Benefits Realization. Ian focuses on helping clients drive up the effectiveness and efficiency of their GRC practices.