Risk management models to become a core part of major organizations within the next five years


Companies in Central and Eastern Europe and additional emerging markets are becoming increasingly aware of the advantages of risk management and risk financing solutions, according to Aon Global Risk Consulting.

One hundred senior risk industry professionals who attended the organisation’s annual Client Symposium in Warsaw were treated to presentations which gave specific attention was given to emerging markets, and the relevance that long-standing solutions and features of risk management strategies could have in those parts of the world.

The recurring theme of the event was ‘Evolution and Not Revolution’ in the approach to risk management, with many believing risk management models would gain traction and become a core part of the business strategy of major organizations within the next five years.

Jaap Veenenbos, regional director of Central and Eastern Europe for Aon Global Risk Consulting, said, “With the magnitude, scope and complexity of risk on the rise, the key for success and growth for leaders in emerging economies is to understand and mitigate the level of risk facing today’s organizations. “

He added that: “[t]he need for more effective risk management solutions will continue as globalization makes the world smaller, overseas investment in Poland and additional countries increase and regulatory environments evolve. We are proud to be hosting this event in Warsaw and to be leading the debate on these critical business issues”.