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    How risk managers can tackle the evolving automotive risks in their organisations


    Kiran Boosam, global insurance industry leader, Capgemini, explores how mobility risk is changing and the tactics that risk managers can deploy to manage emerging threats

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    Mobility ecosystems: Driving change


    Self-driving cars are speeding from the future into our present. But what effect will such tech have on the way we view transport, and crucially liability on the road? Insurers cannot afford to hit cruise control and wait to find out

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    Electric cars: Powering change


    The market for petroleum alternatives like electric and hydrogen is accelerating but this developing tech brings new risks to the road. Risks that offer new opportunities to insurers

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    Production lines: Supplying change


    The sheer numbers and complexity in car manufacturing supply chains make them exceptionally vulnerable. It takes a proactive approach to prevent production lines grinding to a halt

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    Insuring auto: It takes a partnership


    When it comes to complexity of the supply chain, the car industry is in a league of its own. While Insurers can still do more to mitigate weak spots, the industry faces a rising protection gap, says Swiss Re Corporate Solutions’ Philip Brandl