The Insurers’ Fire Research Strategy Scheme (InFiReS), in association with the Association of Insurers and Risk Managers (AIRMIC) and the Food Industry Panels Group (FIPG) has issued a revised code of practice for the Food Industry.

Designed to provide advice across all the various sectors of the food industry, the guidance:

? aims to establish a generic property loss control standard that companies can aspire to in the expectation that damage caused by fire will be kept to a minimum;

? provides a Code a Practice that has the support of the UK insurance industry

The main author and coordinator was Derek Mason of Uniq plc, chair of the AIRMIC Food industry group. “When the first edition came out in 2003 it was always our intention to work with the insurance industry to produce a second edition. I’m now delighted it’s come to pass,” he said.

Fire has been and continues to be one of the major issues facing the food processing and storage and distribution industries in the UK. Fire risk exposures in the industry can be created by the presence of high hazard processes and the widespread use of combustible construction materials. Typically, premises are not sprinkler protected and are located in remote areas with limited cover by the local fire brigade.

The new edition of the Code of Practice updates the approach that individual companies must take to ensure that they are fully compliant with legislative requirements and provides guidance on fire risk minimisation in both new and existing structures.