A warehouse in Memphis has been destroyed by fire, days after it was struck by a tornado

An internet retailer’s Memphis warehouse has been destroyed by fire, six days after it was struck by a tornado.

No injuries were sustained in the fire.

The fire was a double blow to Bargainland, whose 200,000 square foot facility was being recovered after last week's tornados that ravaged the Southeastern states when the fire started.

The cause of the fire appears to be a rubber mat that accidentally became ignited as the recovery crew cleared rubble from the tornado.

Paul James, co-founder and partner of Bargainland, commented: "We have been incredibly fortunate, and consider it a blessing from God, to have not had a single injury or loss of life in either the tornado or the fire. The support of our online customers and local business owners has been unbelievable."

The destroyed warehouse is one of three Bargainland facilities in the US, with other facilities in Utah and Mississippi.

The company said it was able to immediately locate a new warehouse and will be moving all operations to the new location.

Merchandise will be assessed and moved as soon as fire officials determine it is safe to clear the damaged warehouse.

Bargainland customers who have paid for items but have not received them were advised to contact customer services.