The first edition of The Journal examines product recall risk.

StrategicRISK’s The Journal is an interactive online book for professionals in the corporate risk management and insurance sector.

Featuring case studies, academic articles, research, interactive infographics and video interviews, the first series of The Journal focuses on managing product recall risk.

StrategicRISK Asia-Pacific editor Jessica Reid said: “With increasingly global supply chains and fast-changing regulatory environments, managing a product recall event today is an incredibly complex task faced by many companies around the world.

“Adding fuel to the fire is the rapid speed of social media, which can help or hinder a company in crisis in the blink of an eye.”

The Journal, developed and published by StrategicRISK and sponsored by Swiss Re Corporate Solutions, incorporates the views of recall consultants, insurers, insurance brokers and risk management professionals on best practice and lessons learned.

Chapters include:

  • A short history of product recalls and case studies
  • Anatomy of a recall
  • Survey: Top concerns of a product recall event
  • Recalls and reputation risk
  • The legal view
  • Risk transfer
  • The true cost of a recall
  • Technology

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