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    The future is bright if risk managers embrace AI techniques


    A new generation of risk managers will proactively seek out risk roles and careers; become the pioneers of new risk techniques through the use of AI; and become the c-suite’s go-to person. That’s the #ChangingRisk hopes for the future, according to Ferma’s Typhaine Beaupérin, and Gilbert Canaméras

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    Re-think, Enable, Execute – a modern approach to risk management


    It is time to re-think what you are doing to optimise risk, add value and get business rewards. If your focus is on control and mitigation, you will just take less-and-less risk and the result is less-and-less reward. This is Horst Simon’s of Risk Culture Builder rview for #ChangingRisk

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    Why we’re taking our #ChangingRisk campaign to the Wildside!


    We want our #ChangingRisk campaign to inspire you to rethink old practices, push past common misconceptions and help elevate risk management to its full potential. Be part of the change

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    Take flight


    When it comes to risks, the only constant is change. We have launched the #ChangingRisk campaign to find out how you, the industry, believe we can adapt, so that we remain most valuable and relevant in this rapidly moving business world.

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    We need to take risk management back to the shop floor


    The idea that risk management was ever just the job of the risk manager is madness. And we shouldn’t just be selling that message to the C-suite but to every employee, so they feel responsible for risk management. The co-chief executive of RiskTalk, Kurt Meyer’s message for #ChangingRisk

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    Is the three lines of defence dead?


    Mission Australia’s general manager, enterprise risk and assurance, Andrew Methven, has joined our #ChangingRisk campaign by sharing his thoughts on why 3LOD is fine as a conceptual model but is very difficult to actually make work

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    Challenge and change or be replaced by robots


    There is no greater ammunition for #ChangingRisk than the opportunities presented by new technology. We must use it to enhance and evolve risk management practices or we risk becoming obsolete, writes Philippe Cotelle, board member of Ferma and Amrae

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    How I would change risk management


    #ChangingRisk requires a greater reach. The risk manager’s role? To educate the board, the c-suite and decision-makers on how to apply risk management to strategic decision-making, says Alex Sidorenko, chief executive of Risk Academy

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    Let’s harness the future talent of risk


    A new generation of risk professionals will enter the profession with diversity of new skills and thinking. We need to harness and encourage their development so that together, we are #ChangingRisk for the better, writes Patrick Aubrey, risk manager for Turner and Townsend

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    How I would change risk management


    Gareth Byatt, principal consultant at Risk Insight Consulting and the Institute of Risk Management’s Asia-Pacific ambassador shares his views on #ChangingRisk

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    Here to help, not hinder: shaping the future of risk


    Backlit by our #ChangingRisk campaign, we quizzed Katie Moore, Vodafone’s senior group risk manager and ever-popular resident foodie, on how she would shape our industry’s future and how to challenge the misconceptions about who we really are

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    Risk management used to be a science, then it became an art, what’s next?


    Buzz words and lack of competencies are killing risk management, writes Alex Sidorenko, chief executive of Risk Academy. His vision for #ChangingRisk? Get back to basics and turn risk management back into a tool that helps strategic decision-making and makes money

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    Enhancing risk to include decision-focus, intelligent risk taking


    Risk managers need to change the scope of risk management according to Hans Læssøe who shares his views as part of StrategicRISK’s #ChangingRisk campaign

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    Risk management blended with data will deliver incisive decision-making


    Risk management is transforming, but data is the game-changer in #ChangingRisk for the future, says Danny Wong, founder of GOAT Risk Solutions and former director of corporate risk at IHG

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    StrategicRISK launches #ChangingRisk campaign


    Risks are changing and risk management needs to change too. That’s why we’ve launched #ChangingRisk - a campaign promoting new thinking in risk

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    Be the change you want to see


    Something needs to be done to transform risk management and this shift starts with us as risk managers, writes risk expert Suchitra Narayanan.

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    Risk management - is it relevant?


    For those risk managers who are not already questioning risk management, here is why risk manager Andrew Potter, believes it is time to get behind #ChangingRisk 

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    Taking risk management to the boardroom - video


    Greater engagement with the board and buy-in from the c-suite - Brigitte Bouquot, vice-president insurance and risk management for Thales and president of Amrae lays out her vision for #ChangingRisk

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    How to climb the risk maturity curve and get close to the board - video


     #ChangingRisk requires risk managers to gain greater influence at executive management level. Gaëtan Lefevre, group risk and insurance manager at Cockerill Maintenance & Ingénierie, outlines his vision for the future 

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    The soft skills that will impress the c-suite - video


    For François Malan, chief risk officer at Nexity, #ChangingRisk requires a set of skills, which will help further elevate the role of risk management