Q1 2024 Edition

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Our state of the industry survey reveals risk managers' top concerns for 2024

Our 2024 State of the Industry survey reveals a risk profession that is evolving, with more practitioners than ever moving beyond insurance buying to focus on enterprise risk management. But with new threats emerging at a dizzying rate, the pressure is on to improve controls and communicate your value. Sara ...

Editor's letter

Sara Benwell

SR Q1 2024: It’s tough out there, but we’ve got this

It sometimes feels like the world is spinning faster, as we are bombarded with ever-more complex and intertwining threats. It is the risk professional’s job to manage and mitigate, while guiding senior management through – no easy task. But with the right tools and information, we can do this.

Case study

Tepco/ Fukushima  Nuclear accident following tsunami

Case study: How Lendlease put people front and centre during the Fukushima nuclear accident and earthquake

The 2011 Fukushima nuclear accident and preceding earthquake and tsunami devastated the region in a matter of hours. Managing Lendlease’s risk response from the region, Kevin Bates describes putting a pause on other business concerns to focus on what mattered most – people.

Spotlights On

electric car

Sector spotlight: key risks facing the automotive sector and how to tackle them

We are anticipating a transportation revolution, as electric and autonomous cars hit our roads. But from battery fires sparking concern to liability questions over driverless crashes, the risks are still largely unmapped territory. Matt Scott reports.


Xavier M

The conductor: Johnson Matthey’s risk director explains why in risk management, influence is everything

Johnson Matthey and FERMA’s Xavier Mützig tells Sara Benwell how risk managers must take a hands-on approach to ensure that the risk function, senior management and every team in an organisation are playing from the same music sheet.


crisis and emergency planning

Cyber tops risk concerns for European businesses, with nat cat threats rising rapidly

As ransomware attacks, flood, fire, and floods ravage companies across Europe, new research highlights the steps that risk professionals can take to manage the threats.