Former Airmic chairman comes out of retirement to lead risk management organisation

Alan Fleming will take over as Airmic executive director from David Gamble on an interim basis.

Fleming was deputy chairman of Airmic in 1999 and chairman in 2000/2001. He helped to establish Pool Re, the UK insurance mutual for terrorism risks.

Airmic has been unsuccessful so far in recruiting a permanent replacement for Gamble’s role, despite a search that began in March when it was decided that Gamble should head up Airmic’s new subsidiary, Risk Publishing Onlin on 1 July.

Airmic chairman Geoff Taylor says: “This is a very important appointment for Airmic and one we wish to get as right as we possibly can. We have, therefore, decided to re-advertise the post and invite applications from a broader spectrum of the market.”

Fleming retired at the end of 2006 after three years as director of insurance for Guernsey Financial Services Commission. Previously he worked for Aon and before that for Railtrack, Diageo, Guinness and ICI.

Fleming is enthusiastic about his appointment. “There are some jobs you’d come out of retirement for and some you wouldn’t. This falls in the first category.

“Airmic is going through an exciting time and the opportunity to re-orientate to that organisation and catch up with a number of old friends and new ideas is very exciting.

“Airmic has developed and the issues today are different to those I encountered in the 1990s. But I feel I can make a good contribution because of my close involvement with the association and risk management over many years.”