Airmic Chief Executive John Hurrell believes the Roads to Ruin research, produced in conjunction with Cass Business School, has opened doors to new markets and opportunities for its members.

Airmic has been approached by a number of business groups to work on projects over the next 12 months linked to its ground-breaking research on the impact of corporate failures.

The Roads to Ruin, produced in conjunction with Cass Business School, was published earlier this year and gave detailed analysis on the breakdown of corporate governance and exposed “board risk blindness” across various global companies.

Hurrell told StrategicRISK: “Our research with Cass Business School on the impact of corporate failures is having a huge impact across the industry. It’s probably the most profound and significant piece of risk management research in the last decade.

“Within the risk management community, it has raised the bar for us and opened a lot of doors with a number of parties. They have approached us and we’ll be making further announcements about new projects over the next 12 months.”

The recent News Corporation debacle, scrutinised throughout the UK’s Leveson Inquiry, has highlighted many of the report’s findings including the failure to manage the ‘risk glass ceiling’ which exists between the board and operations. Hundreds of internal emails and correspondences placed in the public domain during the inquiry have caused huge reputation damage to the Murdoch family and its publishing empire.