Pirelli’s Jorge Luzzi takes over from Peter den Dekker and Ferma welcomes new Maltese and Slovenian risk associations

Ferma's Peter den Dekker and Swerma's Charlotte Barenkow

Pirelli’s group risk management director, Jorge Luzzi, has been elected as president of Ferma (Federation of European Risk Management Associations). He will succeed current president Peter Den Dekker on October 5, 2011, after the Ferma Forum in Stockholm, and will continue in the role until 2013.

In addition Michel Dennery, deputy chief risk officer, GDF SUEZ, has been elected Ferma vice president with a two year mandate until June 2013.

Julia Graham, chief risk officer for the global law firm DLA Piper, continues as vice president until June 2012.

The current president of Ferma, Peter den Dekker, who will preside over the Forum in Stockholm, congratulated Luzzi on his election: “I am delighted to be handing over to Jorge who has already done a great deal to raise Ferma’s standing on the international stage.”

Den Dekker added: “Michel Dennery is strengthening Ferma’s role as a voice for the European risk management community, especially with his work for Ferma on corporate governance and risk issues, and I welcome his election as Farma Vice President.”

The Ferma Board

The full board of FERMA is Peter den Dekker (President - NARIM), Jorge Luzzi (President elect - ANRA), Julia Graham (Vice President - Airmic), Michel Dennery (Vice President elect- AMRAE), Helle Friberg (DARIM), Carl Leeman (BELRIM), Cristina Martinez (IGREA), Igor Mikhaylov (RusRisk), Günter Schlicht (DVS/BfV) and Arnout van der Veer (Airmic-NARIM).

Luzzi is currently chair of the International Federation of Risk and Insurance Management Associations (IFRIMA), honorary president of the Latin American risk management association (Alarys) and an active member of the Italian risk management association (Anra).

Luzzi said: “I am delighted to be able to take forward the work of Ferma, which now represents the interests of risk managers in 19 countries with our new members from Malta and Slovenia. I would like to pay tribute to the work of Peter den Dekker who has played such an important role in increasing Ferma’s stature and profile in his two years as President.”

Dennery said: “Peter den Dekker strengthened Ferma’s action in lobbying EU regulation in risk management and insurance. I am very pleased to continue on with Jorge Luzzi, and all board members.”

New members

In related news the risk management associations of Malta (MARM) and Slovenia (SI.RISK) were accepted as new members of Ferma.

Ferma now represents 19 different European risk management associations. Den Dekker said: “I am thrilled to welcome these new members to FERMA. Their enthusiasm shows the recognition of FERMA as the voice for the European risk manager and demonstrates the growing development and professionalism of risk management across Europe.”

The Maltese Association of Risk Management (MARM)

The enthusiasm of the members of the founding council of the Maltese Association of Risk Management has enabled them to build a new organisation to promote the knowledge and use of risk management within the private and public sectors in the Maltese Islands.

The President of MARM, John Schembri, comments, “Malta is possibly the smallest European state with an effervescent economy. Risk management is an emerging area of management and the market signs are that it is now ripe for more focus and attention. The association intends to reach out to all sectors of the risk management market in the Maltese Islands. MARM shall be a very proud member of FERMA and all of us will endeavour to promote risk management in the best light possible within a growing market.”

The council members of MARM are John Schembri (President), Ian-Edward Stafrace (Vice President), Mario Genovese (Treasurer), Andre Farrugia (Secretary), John O’Dea (public relations officer) and Simon Grima (council member). They come from various business sectors including financial services, aviation, safety/security, manufacturing, retail and hospitality and public sector.

The Slovenian Association of Risk Management and Insurance Management (SI.RISK)

The founding members of SI.Risk are risk and insurance professionals from the larger Slovenian companies. They have been meeting for two years and are currently working on two projects: changes to Slovenian tax laws in connection with directors’ and officers’ (D&O) liability and environmental issues and changes of Slovenian legislation.

Through SI.RISK they intend to provide a platform for the exchange of experience and views among members, represent the views of risk managers with the Slovenian legislature and other organisations, and promote risk and insurance management.

The President of SI.RISK is Maja Sustersic, Head of Insurance and Risk Management for the Slovenian energy company PETROL. Other board members are Vlasta Mekis and Eva Grden. Ms Sustersic says, “We believe that the membership in FERMA is an important step for the development of both risk and insurance management in Slovenian companies. The membership of SI.RISK in FERMA will give us the opportunity to express our professional position on relevant issues, to participate in surveys and benchmarks organised by FERMA and to cooperate with our colleagues in other countries.”