Use the interactive chart to visualise the problem of ageing societies

Using UN world population figures GE have produced an infographic that visualises the problem of ageing societies.

As societies age, i.e. people live longer and have less children, there are fewer people of a working age to support those in retirement. This has big implications for the length of time the current generation will have to keep working and the provision of healthcare.

Using the interactive infographic you can choose from the seven different countries and see a bar chart that show exactly how many people are in each age bracket. You can also see how the demographic is changing over time.

In the attached images you can see what the UK and China will look like in 2010 and 2050.

On the left side of the chart are the young and as the bars move right they denote older age groups.

According to the United Nations, the elderly population of the world is growing at its fastest rate ever. By 2050, there will be more than 2 billion people aged 60 or over.

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