InfoGov extends Proteus Enterprise RiskView™ software

Information Governance (InfoGov), has extended the functionality of its Proteus Enterprise™ software with the launch of RiskView™, a new module which provides business leaders with a holistic, dashboard view of organisational risk within the company.

Proteus Enterprise RiskView™ distills the detailed information inside Proteus® into a management-focused graphical format, providing board directors with real-time visibility of their governance, risk and compliance status.

Stephen Hall, managing director of InfoGov, said: “Many businesses are increasingly recognising the futility of addressing compliance requirements in isolation. However, most board directors are still failing to create an integrated approach to the disciplines of governance, risk and compliance (GRC) and have no complete view of organisational risk.”

Hall added: “By distilling relevant information into a simple dashboard view, board members are no longer taking a guesswork based approach to operational governance, risk and compliance, but instead they have a real-time understanding of their level of exposure.”