The Royal Norwegian Embassy in London played host to the first official gathering of Norwegian risk managers

The Norwegian Risk Management Association (NORIMA) had its first official meeting in London last night.

The association has been active since 1995, but on an informal basis. On February 13 this year the group received official status as Norway’s risk management association.

Last night (Tuesday, March 3) the organisation held a reception at the Royal Norwegian Embassy in London.

The head of the group, Jan Granås, who is an underwriter with Landbruksforsikring, a Norwegian insurer, and formerly a risk manager with Siemens, said he hoped to work closely with the other European associations to raise the profile of risk managers in his country.

Granås has already held discussions with the Swedish and Danish risk management associaitions, SWERMA and DARIM, on a Scandinavian wide risk network.

SWERMA is holding its annual RISK FORUM event in Stockholm on March 26 and 27.

Whilst in London the delegates from NORIMA attended a D&O workshop at the Willis office in Lime street. See also: Insurers could drown in flood of D&O claims