The OECD has recognised Peru’s efforts to reform investment policy

Peru has been recognised by the OECD for its efforts to reform investment policy and welcome foreign investment.

The South American country, known for its copper, gold, and zinc mines, is the 41st adherent to the OECD Declaration on International Investment and Multinational Enterprises.

As an adherent to the Declaration, Peru commits to treating foreign investors in the same way as domestic investors and to promoting responsible business conduct.

The country in turn benefits from similar assurance from the other adherents to treat Peruvian investors abroad fairly and to encourage their multinational enterprises operating in the country to contribute to economic, social and environmental progress.

As an adherent, Peru will participate in the work of the OECD Investment Committee with the ten other emerging economies that are adherents to the Declaration: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Egypt, Estonia, Israel, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania and Slovenia.