Why risk leaders must offer their boards next-level risk intelligence on governance, risk and compliance

Integrated risk management firm Archer and StrategicRISK joined forces in October to host an Asia-Pacific event on the future of governance, risk and compliance (GRC).

Leading risk experts from around the world discussed the key issues facing risk managers in the current environment, from the impact of COVID-19, to the role of technology, and the greatest challenges facing risk professionals.

Participants from Australasia, Asia and the United States attended the virtual event, where some of the industry’s brightest minds got together to debate the challenges and opportunities from the past year, and the prospects for the years to come.

They found that, in the face of COVID-19, supply chains crises, climate change and more, the need for GRC is greater than ever. But that need has changed dramatically.

Risk leaders must offer next-level risk intelligence to be part of their boards’ strategic planning.

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